5 reasons why every brandowner should look into PCR Packaging

Any company that uses packaging is probably aware of packaging sustainability.

Especially if they use flexible packaging, a form that has been receiving more attention in the past years. At Flexoplast we’ve been hard at work to present a flexible packaging solution that can tackle sustainable packaging: whether you’re looking at it from an environmental or regulatory perspective. One solution that we’re sharing today is our PCR Packaging: Post-Consumer Recycled packaging.

During its infancy, post-consumer recycled packaging had some drawbacks, and anyone purchasing a 100% PCR film will still notice a difference from prime PE. But provided you keep the PCR content to a maximum of 50%, the drawbacks are minor as the technical know-how surrounding PCR has matured. Added with the benefits which have always stayed the same, we expect PCR to get bigger and bigger within sustainable packaging in the next few years.

Why we expect PCR to get bigger and bigger within sustainable packaging:

Our motivation behind this expectation is based on the following 5 reasons.

1. PCR is a material that’s been made from recycled Post-Consumer Waste. After being discarded by the consumer, it’s been recycled and re-entered in the packaging stream to be used once more. It doesn’t get more sustainable than that!

2. As PCR contains recycled raw materials it is a direct answer to future regulations that require companies to source recycled packaging. And because PCR films are suited just as well for recycling, PCR films are just as suited for the regulations that ask brand-owners to ‘design for recycling’!

3. Prime PE mono films are already fully recyclable, making them great addons to PCR films. By combining prime and PCR (as done with our FLEX R – 55 film that consists of 55% PCR PE) we can match a prime film’s production benefits. Best of all, this normally requires no changes to your machinery’s general settings to do.

4. This competitiveness is just as true for branding. Aside from enabling new marketing possibilities due to the use of more sustainable packaging, the packaging’s look and feel are almost identical to prime films when using low amounts of PCR. This difference is even less noticeable after the packaging has been printed and processed. 

5. Best of all: pricing for PCR Packaging is very competitive. Our 35% PCR film has an almost identical purchasing price compared to our LDPE film at this time of writing. And as mentioned previously any brand-owner currently using flexible packaging can simply continue to use their existing machinery. Unlike other sustainable alternatives (cardboard/ carton) that require completely new machinery, continued use of your existing machinery will save you millions of dollars!

So there you have it: 5 reasons why post-consumer recycled packaging should be on your radar.

Do you want to learn more? 

We wrote a whitepaper about PCR and its potential for the future. In addition, we explain our new product Flex-R and why it could be beneficial for your brand. Head on over to our resources page to claim the whitepaper for free!


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