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While the specific route is somewhat dependent on your starting point, Harlingen is located in the industrial terrain of Harlingen. Regardless of the original route and direction, once close to Harlingen you’ll want to leave your road of choice to get on the N31. From here on you follow the N31 and get off at Exit#18 – Harlingen. This exit leads you to a roundabout, on which you will take the third exit to the ‘Oude Trekweg’. On the roundabout after this you will have to take the second exit, after which you will follow ‘Grensweg > Kanaalweg’. Enter the ‘Industrieweg’ once it’s on your right and you’ll be almost there!

See the following Google Maps route for more information:

Much like Harlingen, the specific route is dependant on your starting point. That said, once close to Wieringerwerf you’ll want to leave the highway for exit #13- Wieringerwerf. Follow the ‘Havenweg’ until you can enter the ‘Hoekvaartweg’by taking a left. Keep following this road until you’ve entered the ‘Hoornseweg’: follow this road until you see our factory on the rightside of the road!

See the following Google Maps route for more information:

All your faxes are welcome through +31 517 432643. That said; please do be considerate of our environment and consider e-mailing it first if possible.

General complaints can be directed towards If however, you are a customer with a product specific complaint, please contact your respective Sales Manager so he can help start up your technical support team as quickly as possible!

General inquiries are always welcome through this contact page (and thus, and Quote Inquiries can be done through our specific quote page (..). That said, if you’re from one of our specific target markets and looking to immediately contact the associated expert you’re also welcome to contact them directly! Each of our market- and product pages contain the associated expert on the page itself!

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