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We’re changing the way products get packaged: proving high performance and sustainable packaging can go hand-in-hand. In this journey we’ve received or created many relevant documents like certifications or whitepapers. On this page you’ll find them all neatly laid out. Download them and take us with you!

Whitepaper - Frozen Food (Packaging) Survival Guide

When looking at the state of the frozen market the future is a subject that often sparks one’s imagination. Find out why!

Privacy Policy

Fair use of visitor data is important for us. If you’re at all curious as to what our privacy policy contains you’ll find it in it’s entirety here.

Whitepaper - The future of plastics

While we think sustainability and plastics make a great match, we also think plastic innovation is key for this. Read our whitepaper and see how one of our breakthroughs in packaging is central to the future of packaging. 

Flexoplast CSR Statement

At Flexoplast we believe sustainability and plastics can go hand-in-hand. If you’re at all curious how we envision this shared future: our Corporate Social Responsibility statement is the download for you!

Whitepaper - Frozen Food (Packaging) Survival Guide

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