Trioworld Flexoplast becomes Flexo Award Winner at the EFTA’s Flexo Awards once more!

Wednesday 10 November strikes another historic day in Trioworld Flexoplast’s history. This day marked the announcement of the winners of the 4th EFTA Benelux Flexo Awards. After receiving a total of 140 entries (divided over 16 categories) our prints were among the chosen winners once again. Making us a flexo award winner once more!

Just two years back our striking flexo prints ran away with the EFTA ‘s Flexo Award, winning 2019’s Gold and Bronze awards for the category “Flexo print on foil” (small: up to 500 mm wide). This made our re-entry in the 2021 awards all the more exciting. How were we supposed to improve on 2019’s stellar performance?

We did just that by performing a “clean sweep” within our category of choice (mentioned above). This is how we improved on 2019’s impressive result: by sending in the winning flexo print for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place within our category!


A “clean sweep”: the gold, silver ánd bronze flexo award winner in our category

Despite some heavy competition our prints took home all three awards. Pictured above is our magnus opus: the flexo print that turned us in the golden flexo award winner.

The jury appreciated the crisp design and printing skills that made the green spinach truly stand-out and catch your eye. The combination of a very ‘fresh’ design with a technical print that was unmatched in details lead the jury to call our print “the best looking total combination”.



What the EFTA Award represents for us

Winning the EFTA’s Flexo Award is a special moment. It’s a reward for the unmatched work by our brilliant employees, creating the finest packaging (prints) day after day. Receiving the Gold Award validates our high claims and promises about quality. After all: any supplier can call himself the best. But winning the gold award proves an independent jury compared our prints with competitors and agreed with our claims. And this year this is doubly accurate after having pulled a hattrick within our category!

But while we’re definitely taking a moment to enjoy our victory and celebrate this at our factories, tomorrow continues our journey towards printing perfection. Day in and day out we give our all to print the finest works for the most important jury out there: our customers. Are you curious how your brand would flourish by working with a flexo award winner? Contact our Sales Managers and perhaps we’ll be entering 2023’s flexo award competition together!

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