Announcing: Flexoplast’s new website!

We are very excited to share our newly designed website. After weeks of hard work we’re proud of the result: A website that’s faster, easier to navigate, user-friendly, and with a lot more substance.

As an innovative market leader it’s important that our website keeps up with our products. Our goal with this new website is to do just that: to give visitors closer look at Flexoplast as a company. Or to provide companies from specific markets with more detailed answers and recommended Packaging Products. And lastly, to give our visitors some useful tools to ease their day.

At Flexoplast we believe in long-term partnerships that unlock true value. This is only possible with great communication, transparency and commitment from both sides. Our redesigned website is one of our ways of honoring this commitment from Flexoplast’s side!

To give visitors a more transparent look at the company itself, we’ve added a lot more information about Flexoplast. Our homepage has a company video that tells you everything you need to know about us within 2 minutes. Our Sustainability page highlights our progress and continued ambitions within the sustainable Packaging Field. And our resources page can be a great asset for anyone looking to keep our content with them for the long haul.

Putting the spotlight on our visitors
Enough about Flexoplast: the second goal of the new website design was a bigger focus on you, our visitors. The new market pages illustrate your pains and ambitions, and the way Flexoplast can help you with them. To increase your convenience we’ve also equipped every market page with a direct link to our specialist: so you immediately know who’s going to tackle your in-depth questions.

Packaging Calculator and other tools for your convenience

To expand on convenience we tackled one of the most common questions from our customers. If you’re ever curious about the packaging volume our handy Packaging Calculator can immediately show you an estimation.

Feeling a bit lost with some of the packaging jargon or technical terms? Completely understandable, and exactly our motivation behind creating a Packaging Glossary. Here you’ll find all more challenging terms neatly laid out and explained. Invaluable for a professional who’s just getting started in the world of packaging!

And if you ever want to take our content with you, we created a resources page that houses handouts and other important documents to take with you.

Regarding content: with the flexoplast’s new website launch we’ll soon be back with some great new content, so be sure to follow us on our social media and never miss a beat!

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