Specialized Horti Films

Two specialized Horti-films to meet Agriculture's challenges

The first of our specialized Horti films, the black and white film, will ensure your Horti products get the perfect amount of sun. This film is black on one side and white on the other. The film is UV stabilized to reflect light to lower leaves and protect root zone for high temperatures. Growing substrates have unique requirements that require an equally unique packaging film. Our second specialized Horti film, the Ground Cover film, is a specially altered PE film that has a high reflection value. It can also be punched if desired: perfectly engineered to match the specific wishes within your industry! Contact us and experience our focus on reliable partnerships and great performing products firsthand: see for yourself why our average customer lifetime is longer than 8 years!


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Farm Frites
Farm Friteswww.farmfrites.com
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Flexoplast is a reliable partner to Farm Frites. Flexibility, Quality and Customer are the center point of our cooperation.
C&D Foods
C&D Foodswww.cdfoods.com
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For us Flexoplast is a company who do not only deliver a good film but also excellent support and service. It is a great company to work with.
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Flexoplast is our partner for our full packaging scope. Always willing to help and support. We can always count on them with their excellent supply chain and technical knowledge
Danish / German Brewery
Danish / German Brewery
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Flexoplast delivers products which are in the best quality and always are delivered according to agreed time. Our cooperation runs easy and smooth, occasionally when we need extra or special deliveries Flexoplast are always there to support us.
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Within Refresco we started a program 2 years ago to reduce our virgin plastic consumption by 10%. This can be done by downgauging and by applying recycled content. On both aspects Flexoplast has helped us tremendously to overachieve our goals. Together we work hard to keep outperforming the market. Innovation is in the DNA of Flexoplast.

Frequently Asked Questions

These films are specialized for the “Horticulture” branch. This makes them exceptionally well suited for growers, greenhouses and other cultivating applications.
Our ground cover film boasts sun reflection and offers UV stability. Other attributes can be possible on request, inform to learn what’s possible!
Our Horti films range from ‘sustainable’ to ‘very sustainable’! The range being somewhat dependent on the concept but in general our monofilm offerings will always be fully recyclable. And if you choose a Horti film that’s made with recycled content it’ll move you up to ‘very sustainable’.

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