We’re proud to be a sustainable supplier for innocent drinks the blender!

At Flexoplast we like to surround ourselves with like-minded companies. We’ve written before about our belief in a sustainable value chain. And to reach this goal companies all along the chain have to do their part. Luckily at Flexoplast our partners on both sides of the chain (customers and suppliers) believe just as strongly in this future as we do. This is why we’re proud to be a sustainable supplier to innocent drinks new ultra-sustainable facility, “the blender”.

the blender, well on track to be planet Earth’s first WELL certified factory, is now in production

The earth’s most favorite little healthy drinks factory has started production from the Port of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). This CO2 neutral, all-electric factory is a sustainable breakthrough in the purest sense of the word.

Aside from being carbon neutral it boasts a stunning 75% reduced water usage (thanks to their new “Air Tornado” cleaning system), is located in a strategic place which will reduce innocent drinks truck kilometer count by 20% and uses a complete fleet of 100% battery electric trucks. These trucks can haul up to 50 tons of bulk orange juice!

Leading the way forward with a sustainable blueprint

Perhaps our favorite part of innocent drinks breakthrough is their “Blueprint” mentality. A big reason for Blender’s € 225 million investment was inspiring other companies. And going even further: they will be sharing all their Sustainable learnings with everyone who wants to know (even competitors).

Today we’re not just a sustainable supplier that’s providing innocent drinks with all their shrink film. We’re also a proud partner that’s happy to witness innocent drinks journey to being fully carbon neutral. So we hope you’ll help us congratulate innocent drinks on their sustainable blueprint.

Are you currently working on your own “sustainability blueprint” and looking for help in the sustainable packaging department? Contact one of our Sales Managers and we’d be happy to help!

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