Climate Neutral Company

Aside from our continued advancements in packaging related technology, we also continually focus on our sustainability as a company. After all, a sustainable future takes everything into account.

This is why Flexoplast has long-term goals to offset the environmental impact of both our products and our entire company operations. We’re working towards our end-goal of climate neutrality through the following company-wide pointers:

Our products

Environmental impact

Environmental impact

Renewable energy

Both our gas and energy is purely sourced from green vendors, which has been a big part of our yearly CO2 reductions. And by working together with providers that share our vision on sustainable business we’re still constantly looking to further optimize our use of renewables!

Green energy

As a company that’s just a stone throw away from the UNESCO World Heritage “Wadden Sea”, we are all very aware of our environmental footprint. Flexoplast wants to be a good neighbor to all stakeholders.

Efficient use

Step by step we are switching our technical installations to more energy efficient equipment’s. For example switching our lighting to LED. 

Together with state-of-the-art machinery that’s still very young compared to many of our peers, we can use our renewable energy as efficiently as possible.

Reducing waste across our
entire value-chain

WasteReduction banner

Production waste reduction

At Flexoplast we’re reusing an industry-leading 93% of production waste. One of the biggest energy losses is often waste: which is why we’ve had a strong focus on smart re-usage of waste. The secret behind our record-breaking re-use?

Our Extrusion Center has its own inhouse regranulation station, which can directly turn 1/3rd of our production waste into reusable Resin. Through extrusion we can turn this Resin into PE once more, or sell it as a raw material to others. The small amounts of remaining waste is sold to dedicated recycling companies, who collect, shred and reuse the material.

WasteReduction banner3

Re-use of recycled resins

Both with our own resins and by purchasing recycled resin from our recycling partners, we use recycled resins to create a specific type of packaging: Post-Consumer Recycled Films. These films reduce waste and allow us to give used flexible packaging a second life.

Do you want to know more about how Flexoplast can help you lower your environmental impact?

Sustainable Company Culture

We firmly believe there is a future where sustainability and plastics go together hand-in-hand. And through our continued focus and great partnerships we aim to continue developing innovations that exceed our customer’s expectations and reduce our impact on the environment.

And as a company that’s just a stones throw away from the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea, we’ve very aware of our environmental footprint. It’s part of the reason why we’re continually trying to reduce our carbon output, and aiming to be a climate neutral company.

Aside from our own green initiatives we also believe in fostering a strong sustainable culture by contributing to several industry wide initiatives. As Flexoplast we’re proud to be a part of the following initiatives:


Rethink is a joint initiative from the Plastic producing and processing industry within the Netherlands. Through further collaboration and exchange of resources Rethink aims to reduce, reuse, recycle, redesign and renew plastic packaging.

Operation Clean Sweep

While not specifically made within the packaging industry, Operation Clean Sweep is a global initiative to prevent residual waste and litter. And while very little of the current plastic litter is coming from the EU, we still think it’s important to keep it this way. By keeping our production locations tidy and controlled we can do our part in keeping litter non-existent.

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