The Future of Frozen Packaging

The costs and Innovations that will shape 2022 and beyond.

When looking at the state of a market the future often sparks imagination. Correct predictions and smart use of resources can set your company up for success. At the same time a wrong prediction can lead to lots of missed opportunities. So to help you along we’ve forecasted 5 trends,  that we expect to shape Frozen Packaging from 2021 onwards.

1. Pricing will continue to dominate Frozen Packaging related conversations.

With Private Label being expected to continue their growth, we foresee pricing to evolve with this. As the market share of Private Label continues upward price sensitivity will also be more and more relevant. In turn, we’re expecting this to have an impact on efficiency and cost management with Frozen Packaging.

2. Pressure to develop sustainable solutions that do more with less

We’re expecting sustainability to be a big trend for the coming years within Frozen Packaging. Sustainability is of course a talking point for (almost) any industry, but we do think it will keep more of a ‘cost-effective’ approach compared to some other markets, in part thanks to point 1.

3. Technological advancements in high-end packaging keep developing

Innovation never stops, and this is not different within packaging. And while we don’t expect many of these high-end innovations to directly end up in the Frozen Packaging (see point 1), we do expect some current advancements to Trickle down. Some concrete examples are down gauging, the future incorporation of PCR layers into frozen food films, or the move towards mono-material families.

4. Marketing continues to experiment with new ways to differentiate their products

Probably the safest bet of the 5, your coworkers in Marketing will continue to bombard you with thoughts to differentiate your product. For example with unique designs or materials.

5. Continued growth in E-commerce (Grocery deliveries)

With the continued growth in E-Commerce we’re expecting E-Commerce warehouses to want to further diversify themselves from competitors. Our last expected trend sees grocery chains using covid as a springboard for at-home deliveries.

Keep your eyes peeled for recent “The current state of Frozen Packaging (2021)” whitepaper. Curious for the entire paper? Download the full whitepaper here.

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