Why 2021 promises to be a great year for Frozen Food Packaging and Brands!

2020 has been a widely inconsistent year for Frozen Food Producers. As a Frozen Food Packaging supplier we’ve seen firsthand how some of their retail sales have completely blown expectations out of the water. Yet at the same time restaurants and other catering companies have spent months locked down, or at least seen their visitor numbers dwindle. This in turn drastically reduces their purchasing requirements, which has led to COVID19’s double-sided sword effect on Frozen Food Producer’s bottom line.

Both from our own relationships as a frozen food packaging supplier, and news reports, we are optimistic about 2021.

Why? Because of the tailwinds provided by the following 5 trends that we expect to come to fruition.

5 data-driven trends that make 2021 a promising year for frozen brands.

#1. The growing trend for plant-based foods.

That plant-based foods have been on a tear in the last few years is obvious. And as the market keeps growing with a compound annual growth rate of 11.9% (1), their products are also diversifying. This is leading to an increase in plant-based frozen foods, expanding the vegan audience for Frozen Food Producers!

#2. The rise of at Home Brand Engagement (2)

With 2020 cancelling many outdoor events brands had to change up the status quo. Festivals, events, and crowded shopping centers were no longer available to showcase their brand and/ or product. But it also showed us the show must go on: great brand experiences can happen in any area. More than ever before have we taken up the art of cooking to (+54% YoY) according to McKinsey, offering many extra avenues for Frozen Food and Frozen ingredients that supplement this change in behavior. 

#3. The increase of ‘cooking fatigue’ (3).

And after the impressive cooking numbers over 2020 it is no surprise that news outlets discuss ‘cooking fatigue’ setting in. Home cooks have spent more time than ever before trying and sampling new foods. Frozen Foods can help these home chefs by providing either partially or fully pre-cooked ingredients, side dishes or complete meals. A welcome change after spending so much time in the kitchen!

#4. Frozen foods fit the growing demand for personalized nutrition (4)

At the start of the year consumers always dream big. Personal nutrition planners, dialing up the fitness activities and subscribing to meal planners. Whether they are buying smoothie packs or complete (healthy) single serve lunches: frozen foods have a wide variety of items that can be healthy and convenient to use. 

Bonus: the constant advancements in packaging concepts.

While our bonus is not data driven, surely you saw it coming right? As great Packaging concepts make our heart beat quicker at Flexoplast we can’t make a top 5 without it. Recently we wrote a full blog post covering a new product advancement within sustainable Frozen Food Packaging, which you can find here.

Important outtakes were continued advancements in reduction and recyclability. While our PE packaging is already fully recyclable (whether it’s a monofilm or laminated film), we’re still working together closely with recycling organizations. By combining our expertise we’re still making advancements on designing for recyclability and further improving the recycled material’s characteristics. And just as important is reduction: reducing film thickness without affecting performance is no easy task. But through a continued focus this has saved just Flexoplast’s customers tons of plastic without affecting the consumer at all! 

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